The Us Factor Review: An Honest Review of the Relationship Program by Joseph Melnick, Ph.D.

The Us Factor Review

As someone who gives relationship advice and the wife of a therapist, I know what it takes to create and maintain a good marriage. In fact, since my husband and I have been happily married for almost twenty years, I figured I knew just about everything about the subject, that is, until recently, when I went through The Us Factor, a new relationship program by the renown psychologist, Joseph Melnick, Ph.D.

Dr. Melnick's relationship program, The Us Factor, is so full of insight and simple exercises that will improve your marriage, I want to share it with everyone I know. Before I tell you more about the program, I want to assure you that it will help you improve your marriage even if:

  • You have an unhappy marriage
  • You are separated or close to a divorce
  • You are constantly fighting or have been fighting about the same issues for years or even decades
  • You and your spouse fight constantly about the kids
  • You blame your partner and know that he or she blames you
  • You have a partner who is unwilling to go to marital therapy or do the work to fix your marriage

If this describes your marriage or relationship, read on. If you think you have a pretty good relationship with your spouse, The Us Factor review will help you improve it even more.

The Us Factor - Get Your 30 Day Home Trial

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The Us Factor Review: Do you remember what it was like to be this much in love?
Now, you and your spouse can have this back, just by learning some simple skills.

The Us Factor Review

Before I tell you how and why The Us Factor works, let me tell you what you'll get with it. The program is a workbook and a series of DVDs that you can watch and learn from in the privacy of your home. What this means to most couples is no expensive therapy (a good therapist will run you $200-$300 per hour and there are no guarantees), no sharing your private secrets with a stranger and no trying to drag a resistant spouse into some expert's office.

the us factor review

On the DVDs, you'll watch, listen and learn as real couples with real problems just like yours work through their issues, get to the heart of their problems, learn how to express their pain and resentment honestly without blame and rediscover the love that brought them together in the first place. As you watch these transformations occur, not only will you smile and be moved to tears, you will learn the techniques that will help you and your partner get beyond the blame to the love that has been there all along. In short, this program is transformative: it creates real and lasting change.

The Us Factor Review - A Valuable Bonus

In addition to the DVD series, a bonus DVD called, Butterfly Secret, helps you reclaim the sensuality, curiosity and excitement of your first years with your partner. It's an excellent method for renewing the passion in your relationship or marriage.

I love Dr. Melnick's definition of sensuality: the willingness to linger in your senses with your partner. Are you and your partner so busy that you no longer linger? Do you remember what this is like? Is sex just another item on your to-do list? Remember when you could spend the entire day in bed, just enjoying each other's company? This DVD will help you rediscover the joy and connection of physical intimacy.

The Us Factor Review: Specifics of the Program

In The Us Factor, Dr. Melnick teaches you the common patterns that happen in relationships, so you'll become aware of how you and your partner play them out. These patterns lead to friction, hurts, resentment and boredom. Dr. Melnick teaches you how to break free of these roles to create open communication and to bring back your sense of playfulness, curiosity and appreciation for each other. As you can guess, this is powerful stuff.

According to Dr. Melnick, most couples don't know how to fight. Worse yet, they don't know how to resolve conflicts, which is why you may find yourselves in what I refer to as Relationship Hell, where you re-enact the same fights over and over again. In The Us Factor, you'll learn how to fight, how to resolve conflicts and most important, how to get back to the love that nurtures and sustains a healthy marriage. With the burden of unresolved conflict and resentment lifted from your shoulders, you'll feel like a young couple in love again. You'll also have more energy other areas of life.

Don't wait until it's too late: get your free trial of The Us Factor. Note: if it is too late and your wife or husband has already moved out, watching the DVDs will teach you what you need to learn to have maintain the love in a relationship next time around. Believe me, you'll want to keep this resource to refer to again and again through the lifetime of your love relationship.

The Us Factor Review: A Special Note For Parents

In a marriage, it is easy for your kids to come between you and your spouse when you aren't united as a couple. As your fights become more and more focused on the kids, this masks your unhappiness and lack of connection with each other. Not only is this unhealthy for your relationship, it's an unhealthy model for your kids. In The Us Factor, you'll learn how to get on the same page about your kids. For parents, this secret alone is worth the purchase price—it's that important to the health and happiness of your marriage and your family.

Since by now, you may think I'm gushing, I'll admit that while I am very impressed with the program, I did take issue with one claim made by Dr. Melnick of The Us Factor: that you can change your marriage even if your spouse or partner is not willing to participate. To test this out, I went through the program without telling my husband. I learned a few techniques that helped resolve a small, but longstanding issue in our marriage without him even realizing what I did. It was great!

Even though I knew that a relationship is a dynamic, I didn't realize how powerful this was until I tried it for myself. It works because when you change the way you treat or respond to your partner, your partner has to change the way he treats and responds to you. That's how a dynamic works.

Of course, once how I saw this for myself, I shared The Us Factor with my husband.

The Us Factor Review: In Conclusion

As someone who enjoys a happy marriage and knows how it enhances every area of life, I want every couple to have the chance to learn these simple techniques. As Dr. Melnick says, "Falling in love is easy, but staying in love takes skills" ... skills that no one has ever taken the time to teach you. It's not your fault that you don't know this stuff, but now you have a chance to learn the simple steps that will rekindle your love for one another. Don't miss this opportunity.

Get The Us Factor before it is too late. Keep this program because you will want to refer back to it again and again.

Although most couples begin their marriages deeply in love, after the fascination fades and the business of running a home and raising kids gets in the way, they lack the skills to reconnect. Soon they start blaming each other for their unhappiness, broken promises and small resentments. Couples simply do not know what to do or how to say the things that will spark their love into a fire that will burn deeply, steadily and brightly throughout their lives.

The Us Factor Review - A Call to Action

There is nothing more fulfilling than a loving marriage that deepens and sweetens throughout time. Now, you can learn simple skills in the privacy of your home. Take action now——you and your partner deserve to know the joy of being with the person who is the love of your life.

The Us Factor Review - get your 30-day trial and you will have a resource that you will turn to again and again. This program will improve all your relationships.

P.S. If you are not ready to take action now, use the buttons at the bottom of the page to add The Us Factor Review to your social bookmarks, so you can come back at a later date.

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