"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear ... "

“Love just to love”

The following quote by Chuck Chamberlin changed my life. “I love you. It’s none of my business what you think of me. It is none of my business. It is my business how I think of you, and I love you. Now, if you happen to love me back it’s a plus.
So, you can add to my life but you can’t take away.”
(read this again &again till it sinks in)

I had been praying for God to reveal more about Love to me. After reading the statement above, I began to get a revelation and I was inspired to write the following….

If I love some people out of obligation, it is not love.

If I love people only if they love me, it is not real.

If I love some people and not others, I don’t know love.

Unless I love just to love, I won’t find love, and I certainly won’t know love.

Love is freely given, it is not a reward.

If my love is contingent upon any action, words or circumstances it is simply not love.

Trying to get or receive love can change the reasons we do things. When or if we change the reason we do things we move away from purity, honesty and the alignment with Love we are born with.

When our motives or intentions become impure or dishonest, we begin living a lie.
This causes unhappiness while we were aiming for happiness.
Then we wonder why we are not happy?
We may make many other failed attempts and try other methods to be happy as we lack the wisdom of Love.

So you may say, how can I begin to change back to the Love i was born into, be reborn to Love like a little child?

Instead of trying to get or receive or "want" love we begin to give love, for free with no other motive.

We no longer allow ourselves to wonder if people love us or how they think of us, it’s just becomes none of our business.

This outlook will allow us to speak the truth in love without fear of anyone’s reaction, approval or rejection. We then become who God created us to be in the fist place “Free”.

In Love,

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