There is This Boy

by Valerie
(Ohio )

So, there is this boy that i've been talking to since December. We've known eqch other, but never talked or anything.

Well.. one day he decided to send me a friend request on Facebook, & started to IM me. He told me that he was looking for me all around to get my number, & wanted to talk. But.. He was dating my best friend at that time. & i heard things about him, like, "he dont take no for an answer. He tried to rape this girl. Hes a player. He hits girls. he rude." but he never seemed to act that way when i saw him or anything.

Well.. that night, my best friend; his girl friend at the time texted me & told me he broke up with her. She was crying and things, which i was texting him. & later that night he told me he'd like to get to know me better. So we did.. & the finally on January 7th, we hung out. He took me out to lunch & caught me up on my homework, since i was very ill before school got let out. It was really weird the first time we hung out though, he wanted to touch & etc.

After that day, i started to form feelings for him; & he started to tell me he loved me. When it was only 3 weeks we were texting; and hung out once. Well.. we came back from winter break, & i didnt want to be aorund him cause i didnt want my best friend; his ex, to know about us. & since we didnt talk at school, it caused a fight between us. & thats when we started to get distance from each other. I still went & saw him at work, everything. & he acted normal when it was just home and i, but not when he was around people. & wheni said something to him about that; he got mad & said he was done with me. & after that, he told me to go to his work, that he wanted to work things out; so i did. & we got back together, & i come back to school, & this girl comes up to me saying she had sex with him over the weekend. & i asked him, & he admitted to it. After that, i ended things with him. & havent got back since.
Now, he is with this one girl, & we dont talk. But; everytime were at school, or run into each other in public; he looks at me, & gives me the look he gave me when we were together. Im not sure what to do; we still text as friends. & i want to tell him i still have strong feelings for him; but im scared on what he'll say. I still have ALOT of feelings for him. Will you please help me?!

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Jun 25, 2011
i hope this will help. :)
by: Miss K

hmmm. in my opinion, I think you did the right thing. keep away from him. in the first place, the fact that you and him are having an affair behind your friend's back is not right. didn't you realize that your cheating on your friendship? he hurt your friend's feelings, and he can do it to you also. haven't you asked your friend about their relationship before?

maybe you are having the fate that your friend had. you should had learned from your friend's heartache. he started touching you in your first date. a man who respects you will never do that. next time be more aware. assess, observe, ask, listen and be more cautious.

Mar 24, 2011
by: Misty

You sound like a very sweet person and i know how you feel about liking someone. i do too have feelings with this guy but what im doing is not talking to him anymore. it hurts but trust me its for the best.

you cant tell him that you have feelings for him. hes a jerk. he had sex with someone else while you two were talking and plus dont lose your dignity. you sound like a great person. you can do it. be strong and dont talk to him anymore...

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