Things Change

by That girl

We were both young when we first met. He was a complete nerd and didn't have any non-nerd friends. I'm always nice to everyone, so I became his friend. As we grew up he became smarter and nerdier. I was extremely smart too but was also popular. President of numerous clubs lots of friends etc. I was always more outgoing than him. That's what he liked about me, my adventurousness, popularity, while still being at the top of my class.

He liked me a lot. His family knew he liked me a lot. And that's very awkward for a girl like me, because I could tell that they knew. His parents constantly complimented me and his siblings through me lots of shy glances. I continued to be his friend until we reached high school.

We went to different schools and didn't see each other in a while. One day during a football game he came to the stands to talk to me. Nerdy as ever with braces and glasses he was tormented by some of the super fans. I made them stop and we talked. Being in a new school I made lots of friends but didn't yet get close enough to them to really share things. I found that that moment of us talking was the most fun I've had in months.

I started to miss him and we started emailing. I found out that he stayed in my school library before school started waiting for the bus for his school to come. I woke up extra early each day so we could meet up and just talk. They were meaningless conversations but they were the moments that helped me start my day.

After a very long winter break filled with snow day after snow day we met up again. At first I didn't recognize him. He got a couple of inches taller and well got HOTTER. We continued to talk but I couldn't help but think how much hotter he got. Over time he became taller, handsomer, grew more muscles, got contacts, got his braces off, and his voice got so much deeper. He was still a nerd but now he was a HOT nerd.

I noticed that a lot of girls wanted him. He told me about girls that asked him to Homecoming. I didn't worry about that because he never went to dances (long story). He is generally against romance and being around girls. But he still liked me, really liked me. So for a whole year we saw each other, both liking each other but not doing a thing about it.

The next year I finally got accepted to his high school. We talked more and more. He started throwing parties and inviting me. One week before prom he came up to me and said those magical words "will you go to prom with me?". I almost died! but I had to keep my cool and said sure.

At prom he confessed his feelings for me and I told him I knew all along and was waiting for him to be ready for a relationship. I told him I always liked him even before he became hot. He took me in his arms and kissed me.

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