Thinking of Her

by Jack Gollie

Afraid You'll Be Single Forever

Thinking of Her

I met a girl last year. Sweet, funny, cute. Good stuff. Now I can't stop thinking about her.

I was sitting in the library on facebook, looking for people to hang out with. My friend came online, and I asked if she wanted to hang out for about 2 hours, before I got picked up. She said sure.

I walked to DQ, but found more than I was looking for. As I walked in, there was my friend, but beside her was this beautiful girl.

I almost tripped I was so surprised. She had cute little freckles on her nose, and a sweet smile. My friend said hi, and I tried to act like I didn't know the stranger. My friend just said "This is Catherine," and I said a simple "hey."

That was our first meeting. Later, I talked to her a few times when I was hanging out with other people. She was near perfect. Funny, smart, nice, and definitely knew how to have fun.

I eventually hung out with her once, but at the time I liked another girl so she didn't seem as attractive. Then we I didn't see her for a few months.

I started dating another girl, and nearly forgot about Catherine. But then I started talking to her more on facebook, and remembered how much I liked her. We hung out once, for a short hour or 2, and I think I realized that I really liked her. But I still had a girl friend and didn't want to break up with her.

But one night we walked down to wal-mart, me and Catherine, and I realized that I was in love with her. She was everything I liked about a girl, and better. She bought stuff in wal-mart, then dollarama, and made me carry it all... under the threat of her new water gun, haha. I pretended I was annoyed with her, but really, I knew it make the walk even longer. Even better.

That was 2 nights ago. And now, I'm stuck, thinking of her.

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Apr 29, 2015
good NEW
by: Herora

Well this is one line everyone would have experienced in his or her lives. It is very rare that people are deprived of thoughts about woman. Even if you might be a gay, you would have had these thoughts in childhood for sure.

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Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

how cute .
you still with your gf? or are you with catherine?
i never knew guys would post this :)

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