Third Time's a charm.

by Shelby

The Backstory: When I was ten-years-old I met this kid named Stephen. He was in my band class in fifth grade, we went to separate schools - but once you hit the sixth grade, everyone in the district attends the same middle school.

When I was a little girl I never thought I would fall in love until I was out of college. Every "boyfriend" I had in elementary school, and
junior high told me that they loved me... but I never said it back. It was always, "I heart you too." My past boyfriends always asked why I said that, and I always told them "Because I care about you a lot, but I am not in love with you". & of course, they would get mad.

This one day in fifth grade band class - a very cute flutist sat beside me, he was really tall, and was very shy. He told me instantly that he hated me, and that he wanted me to go sit somewhere else. So I did. I forgot about this flutist until the next year when he wasn't just in my Band class, but also in my Language Arts and Science classes. We were in the sixth grade, and so was my best friend at the time - Lindsey.

Lindsey has always been prettier than me, long blonde hair, blue eyes... ya know. Well, Lindsey and I had Social Studies class together - where we talked all hour, everyday. I confessed to her that I had a crush on him, she confessed to me that she did too. Immediately, I knew that I had no chance.

A couple days later, they were considered a couple. Stephen now sat by me in Band class, and we were talking. He didn't seem to remember the incident from last year, though I vaguely did. So we just forgot about it. So Stephen, Lindsey and I hung out outside of school. Lindsey was jealous when Stephen would talk to me, and Lindsey's other best friend - Amber - was constantly harassing me.

Anyway they broke up, and about a week later - Stephen and I were a thing. We lasted for two months and he broke up with me because he liked another girl. I was sad, but not heartbroken by any means. Later that year, we were together again, this time it was pretty sweet... He ended up breaking up with me AGAIN, because he didn't want to hug me in front of his friends... ya know, middle school reasons. Over the summer he dated this total ho named *Kylie. The next year we were friends for a couple months.

... I walked to the lunch table where we all usually sat and Stephen crossed his eyes at me, I laughed and said "I hate you". and Stephen looked up and smiled and said "well I love you". And we have been together ever since. Next September is our three year anniversary. We will be sophomores ...

I never thought i would fall in love with someone until I met this boy, he changed me for the better, and we grew up together, I can't wait to experience high school with him By my side.

I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.

x Shelby

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Mar 25, 2015
reply NEW
by: Ben

I am very happy to hear your joyful love story. After hearing your true love story, I really wanted to love a girl with all respects. I have started my search for my best partner. Thanks for sharing your love story with us! EMR Software

May 29, 2009
crazy coincidence
by: Anonymous

That sounds almost EXACTLY like my story too :| well 2/3s of it anyway! My old boyfriend was named Stephen too! and yeah, the beginning of the story sounded just like what happened with us!

I'm really happy for you two :)

Sep 22, 2008
by: Jamiele

that's great ... hope y'all stay together :)

Jul 08, 2008
by: Anonymous

aw that so cute. i'm happy for you (:

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