This happens to be.. My story.

by Emilee.

I was at the mall one day with my sister. And we were in and out of the stores and I noticed a really good looking guy was following me. So, I thought it was for my sister so I went off to the bathroom and I looked back and I noticed he was following me. I went in and came out and he was waiting on me. And I said to him "Hey stalker boy." He said back to me -looking me STRAIGHT in the eyes!- "your really beautiful can I get your number?" Right when I heard him talk I melted. Gave him my number and he texted me. I looked back and then he did and he tripped over the chair in the food court. We got to know each other for about a year and we dated for two years 5 months. Fell absolutely in love with him. Then.. He moved to California so we had to split because long distance isn't for us... He came back a lot and we became best friends. He knew I died inside to see him with another girl and I knew he still loved me. But we didn't wanna ruin what he had together. The next minute I notice his hair is falling out and I worried about him every night. October 2nd, 2011. 2:35 p.m. He passes away from Leukemia. Broke my heart and it shattered.

And well that's my story. Didn't end happy but our memories will forever be with me...

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