Torn between three guys

by Shaylynn
(Bristow, Virginia)

My freshman year I was 14 and the new girl. Everyone was nice but as the first day went on there were NO cute boys then I thought I would die. Now I would rather go back to the first day. I dated this guy who was amazing for three months but he hurt me so bad yet I still love him. After we broke up I started talking to a junior that was super sweet and really cute and really funny. Me and him were getting serious when his ex kept causing drama so we stopped talking and I started talking to a 19 year old. The 19 year old wanted to be in a relationship with me but I couldn't stand the idea of getting hurt again so I said I wanted to take things slow and I wasn't ready for another relationship. While I was starting to really like and want to be with the 19 year old, the junior started texting me and begging me to give him another chance. I was torn between a sweetheart willing to risk going to jail for me and an amazing guy I knew I could fall in love with. But to make things worse my ex that I was in love with told me he truly loved me and hurt me because he was scared that he actually loved me. So then that's when two guys turned in three. I was so confused I wished I could just disappear. So I started seriously thinking about who I wanted to be with. I told the 19 year old I really liked him but i couldn't be with him because I'm not willing to let anyone get in trouble so we can be together. He now and has ever since hated me. Then I started comparing the junior and my freshman ex. I really cared about both of them and they were both so amazing but the one thing that I couldn't stand about the junior was that he was in love with his ex AND me and he didn't know who to choose. That pissed me off and I told him I wasn't going to even try and be with someone that "loved" me but couldn't instantly choose me so I told him I was done and that he could have fun with his ex. I am currently dating my freshman ex, well, now boyfriend and have been for the past 7 months. I am so glad I chose him and I couldn't be more in love.

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