Torn Between Two

by Rebecca

I was on a cadet camp, and I met a boy on the first day called Edward. He was (I thought) amazing, kind and what I had been looking for. Little did I know that everything he was telling me was a lie. I felt like such an idiot. On the second night of the camp, he took me out the back and we made out on the school bus (romantic, I know). Then next day the officers found out and got really angry, because there is a strict 'NO FRATERNISING' policy.

I didn't talk to Edward because we were being watched everywhere we went. He got his best mate Leon to give me little love notes and tried to get me to sneak out with him. I didn't want to though. Me and Leon became closer, and on the 5th day of camp, he took me down to the beach and we watched the sunset together. It was perfect.

We could act like a real couple when we were on the beach without getting yelled at for holding hands. Ii felt like nothing else mattered.
Of course, Edward was furious and he now hates Leon.

I feel bad because I broke up a friendship, but me and Leon are happily dating and I think I'm in love. xoxox

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