Traffic Lights

by Sydney Belshaw

What happened that day?

I'm still not too sure of the details, it was too much of a blur.

In the midst of a big city, brushing through people.
My feet were hurting, so my family and I caught the bus.
I leaned against the cool window pane, ignoring the gossip of the back row, and my sibling sat next to me.
I closed my eyes to drown out the noise of a dozen car horns, and only opened them when we stopped at traffic lights

But my eyes weren't drawn to the red warning stop light.
They stared straight into the green eyes of him.
They stood out against his black, spiky hair
And his blue Nike jacket.
An average 'fit lad', my friends would say.

I think not.

I thought I looked stupid just staring at him, but he did the same, and just surveyed my face, with the smallest of grins.
I'd seen some cute boys in my time,
but he was in his own league.
I glanced at the traffic light, painfully peeling my eyes away from his,

and it was turning amber.

Panic burned inside my stomach, as he followed my gaze to the traffic lights. His eyes widened.
His friends hadn't noticed, they'd got on another bus. But he just stood there, with his
baggy jeans, and JD bag
watching the bus slowly move,
watching me pulled away.
I stood up as he began walking to catch the bus.
It started to gather speed, as the traffic light

turned green

I shoved past my sibling, and ran to the back of the bus.
Ignored the protests from the little children,
and placed my hands on the window. "No" I mouthed, as he ran, as the bus continued to move.
He slowed down as the bus turned a corner,

I saw him bend down, breathing deeply, watching me being pulled away.
I suddenly saw sense, and ran through the bus, yelling at the driver
Pushing the EMERGENCY DOOR button.

Jumping off the bus, I sprinted around the corner.
The backs of a hundred people faced me, and
I frantically shoved and pushed as I ran through the crowd.

I saw the same traffic lights and ran to them,

and next minute I was knocked to the ground.

Here he was, lying on top of me. With the biggest of smiles, apologizing and offering me his hand.
I took it, and as I stood up, he kissed me.
I didn't think. I didn't know him. I didn't know who he was.
I didn't even know his name.
But as he pulled away, and my family yelled at me from yards away I laughed as he held me in his arms.

What happened that day?
I found him that day.

Luckily, I caught that bus.

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