by Alice Gage

Freshmen year I was in a relationship with a guy I've never seen since the 5th grade. It is crazy how we found each other through Internet and a few days later we were just like that.

But soon I met this guy...well, not exactly "met". First time I saw him I was eating a french fry in the cafeteria and my friend saw me looking at him and asked if he was my boyfriend. I said no but before I could anwser I started to almost choke on one my french fry.

I went to my classes and he was almost in all my classes. I would look at him and every now and then he'd look me but I would never have thought the same way I was looking at him. Me and my boyfriend I guess you can say wasn't really working out; he knew what was up and so we went our separate ways.

The guy I had a crush finally started talking to me and he was just so sweet! When football games arrived we were attached to each other and he would hold me.

But after that we decided to be stupid and skip classes; we often went to this empty torn down house. And one time we got caught skipping the campus; a policeman hauled us into his car. We weren't scared but as the policeman got out and said he'd be right back I held his hand and that's when he kissed me. Later we'd get in trouble with the law but when we do, our lips lock and we smile as if it's nothing.

He's the only guy I ever get in trouble with but we don't do drugs or drink...we're good kids when we're apart, but when we're not we're like Bonnie and Clyde.

Till this day we're still together.

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