Was I really that amazing?

When I first entered high school there was a guy my friends hung out with and he was really cute and really sweet. We got to know each other and not long after, we started dating. He was really sweet and treated me so well. We went to homecoming together,and just overall our relationship was great. We dated for three months.

One day I realized how immature and annoying he could be; after a while I couldn't take it anymore so I broke up with him. About two weeks after we broke up he told my best friend he had been dating someone else the entire time. I was like, wow are you serious? Well, after I went off on him and left him to stand in his embarrassment in the middle of school we didn't talk at all.

Then not long after that I found out he had another girlfriend...I wasn't bothered by it but I felt really bad for her, especially when he told my best friend to tell me that he was only going out with her to get over me. I couldn't believe it, why would you do that a girl? WOW! It has been one crazy year, and overall I can just say that this guy is a major douche.

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