What Do I Do?

by New-New
(brooklyn,new york)

I met this really cute boy who I see everyday because he goes to my school and I have been wanting him to talk to me since i saw him.I was really happy when he asked me for my number. I thought he was really into me.

He called three days later.I was so happy. We talked a lot and that exact same day, he and I were supposed to chill, but the plans got turned upside down when it took me hours to do my hair! He left to go chill with his boys instead.

He called me and said he would make it back in time for us to chill together, but guess what? NOPE! He didn't show.

He hasn't called and in school he was mad towards me. Today, he wasn't there. WHAT DO I DO?!

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May 31, 2009
What You Should Do
by: Allie

You could explain to him why it took you so long to do your hair. I get the feeling he thought you were stalling, so he would leave. He didn't know you were really trying to impress him by looking your very best. I don't think he understands that.

May 30, 2009
When a boy ignores you
by: Anonymous

Let him be if he comes back for more of you, then you decide based on his behavior towards you. If he comes back, make sure he understands that bygones are by bygones.

A girl or woman must always be in charge... because then you will be in control and decide what is to happen next.

Males should not do anything unless the female says yes because a no will always be a no and needs to be respected.

Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Always try to land the biggest one.

May 28, 2009
Do the right thing
by: Anonymous

I think you should defintely talk to him. And ask him what's up and tell him you ain't a toy that he can ditch. So really tell him what you feel, tell him what's up with you. Post what you do and your results.

May 28, 2009
Boyfriend Problems
by: Anonymous

Maybe your boy is having problems at school or at home and he doesn't know how to handle them. Keep your head up and maybe things will get better:)

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