What hurts the most?

by Your admirer
(Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India)

It was September that we started to talk,
While you and I were on a morning walk

You complimented me that you loved my eyes,
When I heard this I became red and shy

I told you that I loved your smile
You looked down and gave me the same smile

13th of September was my birthday,
You greeted me first and made it lovely and gay

You gifted me with a Cadbury Celebration
About which I always thought even
When I was doing meditation.

I took the wrapper and the box,
Which is now safely kept under lock!
I remember the times we spent together,
When we sat beside each other
And had Maggie and a cold drink together

I look at that gift and smile
And my heart tells me that you are only mine

Whenever you pass by my class side,
My eyes follow you till the last sight.

When I was in my class and you peeped,
My lips were already smiling and sealed.

Whenever you say "HELLO"
There are 10 eyes looking at me and saying "OoOoOOOO NaNo Nano Nano Nano"

I look back and wonder how things have changed,
and now I feel that my feelings are caged.
And you tell me now that we both are just friends,
Am I stick , so easy to bend?

My heart had this fear,
Now because of this I have tears
I remember those days and
feel sadness on my face

I try to forget those days
Sharing my thoughts with my friends
while having a cold drink and Lays.
Because those days can never come back,
And I know my friends are always with me when I'll be sad

You people are my helping hands
And I remember those friendship bands
I know I can never get you back,
You may be something I will always lack

I think you weren't in my fate,
I did a mistake of taking you as my life mate.

I request you to crown me your love,
I promise you, I'll be your matching dove .

25th September was a nightmare,
I can never forget the pain I had to bear.

I never thought that I would get so serious,
But God knows why am I still so curious! ( to have a glance of you).

I am waiting for the day give me a ring,
And I'll be on the ninth cloud with an all mighty wing

I know one day we'll depart
Only my heart would feel the sadness
And I'll be left alone in this world of darkness.

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