What is This ... Love?

by Kawana Atkins
(Saint Louis MO)

luv child

luv child

Have you heard about this? What is this? I don't know either,but what ever it is, it's got people acting real strange-

It's goin round like a disease, it's the craziest thing i've ever seen-
Girl! What is this? you seem like you got it too, one minute you feeling sad the next minute you feeling blue-
Yep! those the sypmtoms. The other day I seen you giving yo man the most indescribable look, and all he did was gave you a kiss, you mean to tell me that's all it took-
And brothas, Um! they have lost their minds. I overheard this fine brotha tellin his boyz this thing got him so hooked that he even threw away his lil black book-
Girl! But wait that ain't the half of it, ok. I had a dream that my brothas and sistas were sticking togetha, my mom and dad was closer than ever been and my friends they really cared about each other and as for me, well, I was in the beautiful relationship God could ever put togetha. Then it began to play in my head, What is this? It can't be true, not the way my life is having everybody look down on you. And then I woke up-
Now was that the crazy or what, So for the last time i'm askin, What is this?
Huh! you said it comes from up above, so the whole time this thing has been love-
You know what, i'm goin to try this love thing too
Let's start by you praying for me and I pray for you-


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