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My ex boyfriend has started a rumor that I cheated on my current fiance. My fiance is incarcerated for the time being. Should I tell him what is going on out here?

I know its not true and I would hate for him to hear the rumor and believe it. I heard this rumor was being said from another friend. I feel like I need to talk to him about this because it is so untrue and it is bothering me extremely bad, but I'm afraid he will question my sincerity and start believing it, even though it is coming from me.

I have fear of this because he is so vulnerable to anything he might hear because he has nothing but time to think. Also, just recently, I foolishly lied to him about going out the other night when I said I wouldn't. I eventually came clean about it within minutes because I realized how stupid it was to lie, so I feel like this will also make him question the truth.

I've never lied to him about anything else ever. Or kept anything from him. What should I do in this situation?

Is it something I should bring up to him, or will it cause him too much anxiety in there. Should I give my most recent mistake time to heal before I talk to him about this?

I have already confronted the source of this lie but I still feel that there is a chance that it might interfere with what I have going with my fiance. Basically because of our situation it may not be to easy to disbelieve. Putting myself in his shoes it what has me so concerned.

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