What should i do?

by Nina

I have a boyfriend. He was my first boyfriend and we broke up for three years and now we are together again for almost 2 years. There was a girl in his school that was his classmate before and then he told me that he likes the girl but he still love me.

On the second day he told me that he need a break up with me because he love the girl. When we broke up for 1 week, he came back again and he said that he loved me so much and he promised me that he will stop having communication with girl and then I trust him so much but one time he said that he go somewhere with his classmates.

I don't want to allow him because i need to talk to him because of some matters but he don't want, so he hurt me, he hurt me physically and he run out.

After 2 days the pictures posted in his profile I saw that he visit in the girls house and he doesn't have any companion and when I told him that i already saw the pictures he say sorry to me and he promised again to stop having communication with that girl and i trust him again and and again.

After a month he borrowed my lap-top and open his account but he forgot to log out his account and when I got my lap-top I open it accidentally his account appears and I saw a new picture of him with the girl again and he registered it to a contest for a love couples and I was so hurt but he only say sorry and never do it again.

My problem is he always saying promises but he never do it and about him and the girl, i don't know what should I do? I loved my boyfriend so much. Please help me.

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Mar 18, 2011
how about you
by: Anonymous

girl he ain't gone stop he wants both of you he is using you a lot of guys do this. let his ass go play him all the way to the left no matter what he does and girl i bet he would be mad as hell if you were doing that but he knows he can do you that way and he can come right back so hell no when he calls answer like this say what what you want i'm busy what is it. then keep having something to do when he calls and if he comes over just do your best to pay him no attention that is what he wants anyway. he will keep doing this if you allow it. let his ass go and get a replacement or just chill with your friends if your a loner hell to him make up something YOU are IMPORTANT do not ever sit around waiting on a man or boy who wouldn't wait on you and who you are not even important on his list you deserve better we all do and always remember a man will keep doing things if you allow them to ge away with it and you will be unhappy and another thing never no matter what people may say there is nothing wrong with being happy by yourself for a while until that right one comes i would rather be happy alone than miserable with another and crying and worrying when i can be happy alone get lonely call a friend chat online you don't have to have someone else to be happy. it's a good thing to be by yourself sometime and see who you are not thinking about what that man is doing cause you are free of that worry just you time can talk to anyone and whatever cause you have no boyfriend and while your doing that you will find a few more boyfriend's along the way and you'll listen to your gut you gone be ok girl let him go never go back for you do it for you

Mar 18, 2011
The Answer
by: Gottabe Kiddingme

You know what you should do. You just don't want to do it because you're afraid to be alone. Get over it and get out while your face is still intact.

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