what's the best thing to do?

by prix

My boyfriend is now in Austria and I am here in Manila. Our relationship survived for almost four years now. Long distance relationships are very difficult to handle especially when you are not that sure if he is telling the truth or not.

I trust my boyfriend, but I wonder why he doesn't have time for me to have a long talk. I know we are in different time zones, but all I want is a little time for me, for both of us.

He keeps on saying that he is very tired and he goes to sleep after work. That is why he doesn't have time for me to have a chat or even just a text.

What should I do to work these things out? I'm tired of hearing his alibis and him saying he's TIRED and he wants to sleep.

Is he really saying that he is tired of me?

Do I have to let him go? When we argue about these things, he just keeps silent and has nothing to do with it.

Please, I need advice. Help me. Thank you.

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