when He is with me.

by sara
(Endwell, NY, USA)

my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me

When He is with me is when i feel alive. He is with me so that i feel alive at all times. so alive that i feel i can do anything. He has saved me from my sinning, life and taken me in his arms. He has sheltered me from the cold and nursed me with his warmth. He takes me places I could never go and is there when I need Him the most. He is my Lord, my Savior, and I beg of Him to forgive me my sins. Because there is no greater love than that of the unconditional bond between The Lord and I.- Sara McConnell

This is the way I feel now that I have been saved. And I know that this love is for real, and it has come to stay. I have never felt so joyful, as though I was reborn. These recent weeks have been the happiest I have felt in a long time and it is amazing to know I have someone watching over me at all times. I pray that you all someday will feel as wonderful as I do right at this very moment.

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