Who to Choose?

by charlotte

Okay well I've known this guy and we are friends and well we been nothing more then that, but as time past we became closer and well we started talking more and more then he told me that he liked me and well I was really glad he said that because I had a crush on him since a few years but never thought we would ever become close. We are not going out but its kind of like we were.

Theres one little problem though I'm already going out with someone he's very sweet and kind and all but i dont know what to do. My boyfriend really likes me and well we have broken up once before and we started going out again. I feel sooo bad because he is always there. He tells me he wants to be with me and spend the rest of his life me but im not sure if I like him to that extent. I dont want for him to think I am playing with him because i do care but i cant bring myself to tell him that its over and i cant tell the other guy tht im going out with someone else because then he would probably think hes like second or something to play around with and that hes probably wasteing his time but i really dont know what to do. How should i decide who i should really be with?

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