Why For Me?

by Allie Rodgers


You suffered, for me, through all the pain.
You bled on that cross, and I am the one to blame.
You died for me, rose for me, and are calling for me.
You were beat, stripped, bruised, and whipped.
You took my sins to heaven, you rose them with you.
You went to prepare a place for me along there with you.
You asked so little of me, I did not do, and yet you want me there with you.
Why for me?
I am not worthy of your love.
I have not done what you have asked.
I have sinned, and wronged.
I have fought you, I have KILLED YOU!
I may not have killed you with my hands, but through my actions I have.
All the things I say and do, it's just like putting you back on the cross over and over again.
I have done so much wrong that I am not proud of.
The only thing that I have done right in this world is to accept you.
I love you and follow you.
I worship you and adore you.
I want to be with you forever!
You give me strength when I have none.
You give me love when I feel none.
You are with me when I am alone.
You hold me when I am sobbing.
You dry my tears, and drive away my fears.

~Allie Rodgers, age 13~

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I was listening to my favorite rap star, KJ-52, who is a Christian rapper. He was playing his song called, I'm Guilty.

I felt inspired to write this because I felt God calling me to tell the world how I feel about him. I wanted to tell all of the people out there reading this, God sent his son to die for you, don't ever forget that. He loves you so much! He will always be there for you, and with you, so you don't ever have to be alone.

Don't ever think that you are too good for anything in this world, because you are not. We are not worthy to be in heaven, but that is the beauty of it. The reason that God lets us is because he loves us. If we love him then he says that we do deserve it, we do need it, and we can have it.

God wants everyone to be in heaven, but not everyone chooses God. Not everyone chooses to be with him for eternity, not everyone chooses to serve the one and only God. I choose to, I choose to always follow God, I want to follow him. I will do what he calls me to do, no matter how hard, or demeaning, or awful it is. Because that is what I chose when I chose him. I wonder what you will choose, I hope my words mean something to you.

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May 18, 2015
Awesome Write Up NEW
by: Tanning Trott

It is all for you because of the love. I just loved the song. I am so moved by this. I would just like to add one more home care services line to it. "I would just have a good sleep beneath the earth where I came from if that can make you smile."

Mar 20, 2015
reply NEW
by: Anonymous

Is this poem written by you? The poem is really heart touching and only a broken heart that knows the pain of heart breaking can write such a touching poem. Keep up the good work, keep on writing. Thanks for sharing outlook support number

Jan 30, 2010
I Love the Lord
by: Anonymous

Me too! Very beautiful and I'm inspired to show to the world how much God means to me and how much I love Him.

Feb 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

this is beautiful, it's so honest and very well written.
you have inspired me.

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