Why Won't My Breasts Grow?

Me and my sister share rooms, we're twins. One day, we were at a thrift store trying on some new back-to-school clothes. As we were trying on the clothes my mom came into my fitting room and said loudly "Wow, you have big breasts!" then left the fitting room to go help my twin sister. Then she looked at my sister and said "Wow honey, where are your breasts?"

My sister felt very offended. We bought our clothes and drove to another store where we bought our bras. My size was way bigger than my sisters.

On the way home, she was really quiet. For the next few days after we went to the store, she was sad, moping around the house, waiting for her breasts to kick in.

I sat her down and talked to her about it. I told her: "It takes time for breasts to grow. Just because yours are smaller, doesn't mean they'll never grow. After all, we're twins and so you're no different from me."

We hugged and she felt much better. We were 14 at the time. Now that we're 17, her breasts are much much bigger then mine! Who knew that was gonna happen? We thank God for giving us the bodies we wanted.

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