Will it be God's will for us?

by Jesus princess

I'm 18 years old, he's 23 years old. We've only known each other for awhile. The day I met him in my heart I said,

"What a beautiful son of God, please Lord would you make him my husband?"

We met at his church. I was visiting there after one of my friends from high school invited me. (I am also Christian, I was born in a Christian home). The day we met, I knew something had changed in me.

Back then, I had a boyfriend and this guy also had a girlfriend. After becoming close friends, we had come to the point that we couldn't stand being separated. We were going crazy for each other. We would talk about our problems with our partners and things like that.

Now we're both single and honestly, we started with a good friend-relationship. The reason we both ended up breaking up with our partners wasn't because of us ... he had his own drama with his girlfriend and I had my big problems with my boyfriend.

When I see him now, I feel like he could be the one. We have had been praying about us, even though it's going to be tough.

His girlfriend thinks the worst about us ... she thinks he actually cheated on her. In a way maybe we did because we both had feelings, but we never kissed, held hands or did anything at all.

All we could do was wait. And give it to the Lord.

We never thought this could have ended like this.
I've been honest, I never thought that after putting my eyes on him, God would actually lead us to this. All I know its that WE need to wait in the lord.

Please I need some advice here.

I know that putting my eyes on him was wrong, because we were both taken, but I promise you nothing further than talking has happened between us.

I am young, but I believe that God will always be there cheering me up.


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