will this Love last?

by barbie
(new haven ct)

my fiance and i haven been going thru alot lately were both kind of stressing because weve been trying to find a place of our own and things arent exactly going the way we want and we HAVE to move out soon. on top of that we've been arguing and fighting almost everyday over the smallest things. and i have to admit sometimes its my fault but its because sometimes i feel like he just doesnt care bout our relationship anymore. And that makes me lash out in anger.

I know i might be pushing him away but i dont know how to stop. I tell him all the time that i will stop lashing out i just need him to just be there for me but his response is always i dont know how to but it is so easy for him to mess up but he never knows how to fix things.

i just need him to shows me he cares as much as i do and i know that with every relationship there will be problems and im willing to deal with the problems and try and work things out but i dont think he is.

lately i feel so distanced from him even when we're right next to each other. things just dont feel the same between us. and to top it all off he just recently tried to contact his ex over facebook and we got into a big argument because i told him i dont want him to have anything to do with her because that was the girl he cheated on me with in the past but he wont listen.

now that incident makes me doubt whether i can trust him or not. PLEASE help me i know for a fact i dont want to lose hime but am i to do when i feel like he doesnt love me no more. when i feel like maybe hes ready to let go and move on?

will this love last or am i just holding on to something that's not there?

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Jan 08, 2011
will last forever if you hold tight
by: Zephyr

hey friend,
please don expect love in return, spread it. i mean, give it to him so he will realize the value.
try to control your anger, which makes him to react double. stay silent when he shouts, when he is in anger, just give him a warm hug for a second. just hold him tight and say, we will take care of it. Always be first to admit, and say sorry. and be sure there should be no ego between you. Always try to have a simple and silent smile in your lips, which should make him to stay with you forever. i'm sure he will come back to normal.
Don't give him a reason for him to blame you back. and about his ex, it's in your hands now to make him all yours. do what he likes, and try to adopt how he wants you both to live in life.
it really works, most of the relationship break up, because they don't see the love they had but they just think how he/she is hurt.
if you are getting married or living together now, try to fix photos when you both enjoyed each other and make sure they are visible all the time, so whenever a misunderstanding arises, you tend to think how happy you were and should stay forever like this.
make lots of love, care for him all the way, give a smile, hold him tight, try to understand him.
hope you are not a person who thinks about equal rights for women etc etc, because actually it works if we are in this attitude.
you both are one now, you should make your life happy, however is the man for you, its a gal who can change all this tough times and it easy.
so trust you first and try to make love all the time, stay happy or just try to be. wish you to get back your love. think positive and have possibility thinking....
remember all the happy thoughts ever.

Take care,

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