"You cant get mad for me wanting to spend time with someone else..."

by The unfortunate one

I am a 25 yr old stay at home mom of 2 little boys and a house wife. My husband and i have been together since we were 16. Recently my husband decided that he had to start going out with his coworkers for drinks after work, little did i know that one of his coworkers was an 18 yr old with a fake ID.

Well the first time i found out he was drinking with her was when he got a surprise from my little cousin who the 18 yr old had snuck into the bar. I talked to him about this, said i wasnt comfortable with him going to bars with her. He said he wouldnt. the whole time i should have known something was going on, he was so short tempered with me and the boys.

one day he actually said, "I dont know why but i cant stand the 3 of you right now." Back to the tale... the next time he went out with her i had my suspicions but couldnt prove anything (he later admitted to it) the last time he tried to be smooth. when he was home on his break from work, he told me he would be late. he usually gets done with work around 730 so i figured ok, he will be home around 830-9 but noooo.... not only did he stay out as long as possible he came home, parked his car and left in her vehicle for an hour and when he saw me waiting outside to confront him he had her drive away twice... his drunken excuse was she was fun and interesting and different she didnt talk about the kids and how could i be mad at him for wanting to spend time with someone else....

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Oct 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I went through this a year ago. I am a female and I was the one that just wanted someone who was fun and easy to talk too. Well, someone came along alot younger than I and we became really close. My husband was very jealous of our relationship. Mind you, this person was like a son to me. We have no sexual feelings toward each other. He treated me as a mom and very special. My family did not so I got emotionally attached to this person. This individual has a girlfriend and I feel a great loss. At the same time, I had to count my blessings. My husband and kids and I try to reconnect with each other as much as possible. It took me to be rejected, well at least I felt rejected, to appreciate what God has blessed me with. Your husband may soon see this. You may want to sit down and talk with him and see if you both can do some fun things together, like you did before children or have date nights to rekindle your relationship. I hope it works out for you.

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