You Said You loved Me...

by Raquel Watters

You said you loved me,

Now we will never really know.

You didn't even run after me,

When I said my last "Hello".

You said you loved me

But how did you really know?

You gave me a teddy bear, flowers, and my own star.

You gave me the world and what you had.

You said you would wait for me but that's no more.

Since you said you loved me and hung up the phone.

You gave me my first kiss,

That I will not forget,

That night, you said you loved me in the moon light.

People said we were meant to be,

But I always had the doubt,

But fought within me to not let it out.

You said you loved me,

We will never know.

Was it infatuation or just some show?

We played the part but was that the plan?

For you said you loved me and would take me by the hand.

There were times when I wanted to leave you.

Yet, there was that feeling telling me to stick with you.

Many times over, and over again,

We tried, it just had to end.

I was a young girl at sixteen

You were the city boy, turned seventeen.

We were friends and now that's all we will be,

You said you loved me.

Those are just words

And that is all it means to me.

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