Young Love

by Emily

Emily and Michael: I love you!

Emily and Michael: I love you!

Young Love

Michael and I met when we were in the fifth grade & we were both mean to each other. Except I was mean to him because I liked him so much! My two best friends asked him for a pencil & he said no. I asked for one and he said of course! I thought he liked me after that

After a couple months of liking him I finally got the guts to ask him out, and he said yes! He told me he loved me a couple month later. He wrote it in my yearbook for everyone to see.

I felt special. I had never felt that way about anyone. We spent summer together and then we grew stronger and stronger every day.

We are now in the eighth grade and still completely and totally in love. We talk about everything no matter what it is. Even personal stuff, he gets me better than I get myself.

He is really sweet too. He calls me every night and says I love you over 100 times a day! He texts me and says 'I love you' randomly every day and he always asks me how my day was.

He is the sweetest guy anyone could ever have, he never yells and never hits. He never lies and he says the sweetest things. He understands everything. He is amazing!

He had to move schools so we are far apart and everybody says lots of negative things but he said "I trust you, no doubt" and I trust him more than anyone.

Even if he's mad at me or I did something wrong, he always tells me. He can see right through me, when I laugh and when I smile, if I'm hiding something. he knows and I always know with him too.

We say almost EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME! It's really weird. We like all of the same things (except sports teams.

March 27 is coming up soon, our 3rd year together and still happily in love. Hope we stay together for quite some time.

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Jun 23, 2015
Young Love NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 17, 2015
love like love NEW
by: moin

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Mar 03, 2015
Love NEW
by: Nani

That was amazing im not gonna lie ive never been in a relationship but i think you guys are soul mates and i hope you good fortune and a long beautiful life.

Nov 22, 2009
One True Love
by: maria

It sounds like you have met your life partner. When I read your story, it hit home. I too met my love in 5th grade and he was in 9th. Yes, he was a little older than me.

He could always see me too, but when we were to be married, I lost my love to a car accident that both of us were in. Even though this was almost 29 years ago, I still love him to this day. He will always be my one true love. Even though I met another years later, I will never forget my Hayden.

I pray for the two of you that you will have a long and very happy life and never stay mad at each other, hon, because you never know what can happen.

Don't worry about the distance between you two. I have a feeling you two will make it.

Nov 21, 2009
No Sex
by: Bianca

I liked that story. I hope you guys last but don't have sex, that will just make things complicated. Be careful and safe and remember, no sex.

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